The Lost Windows 10 Password

I received a call from a craigslist ad for a retrieval of a Windows log on password that a child had re-configured. After trying some previous tools that I used on Windows 7 and 8, Windows 10 was a completely different animal as the passwords are stored online behind Microsoft’s firewalls.
There is a very convenient password retrieval tool attached with Windows 10 that is user friendly and highly successful… if you know the account credentials. My clients child had changed to a windows account or some account, anyone’s guess at what that account was, or if it were even valid.
After a bit of research a solution was found.
It involved using a Windows 10 install disk/usb and a small bit of hacking to rename one file, and a handy spoof of a login page icon, and we were able to add an Administrative User account.
This enabled full control to fix all previous logins and return the computer back to it’s initial operating status.

Always Backup your data, Always…. Data Retrieval is expensive and never 100% reliable.

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