The Disgruntled Employee’s Quickbooks Password

Quickbooks is highly secure, and cracking the password of the Administrator is not possible, save a multiday Brute Force attack.

A non profit pet clinic had employed me to set-up an online presence and automate their appointment/checkin process. After I had completed the task, I was contacted about hacking into her Quickbooks. Apparently , a disgruntled terminated employee had set the password and refused to render it at termination.
My only hope was the password hint “oldest niece”.
Simple right, just start trying out female names… but that could take weeks to guess.
I obtained the persons name and found them on facebook, but had no way of seeing her friends list, however, her newsfeed was visible.
I combed through all the likes on her page and then combed through the likers news feeds and any friends list I could access.
I also used the People Finder sites to list any known relatives, and proceeded to nit pic through their FB pages.
After about a day of collecting names of possible nieces , Christianna was the magic answer, and I had instant access to the password changing tool.