Linux… The Windows Alternative

“My computer was hacked..” , is an awful phrase to utter. However, most people who use this phrase are using Windows Operating Systems. Albeit Windows 10 has proven to quite secure, you can bet your last dollar, that hundreds, perhaps thousands of hackers are working diligently to find vulnerabilities to exploit and enter your computer to seize files, personal information, or even hold your data hostage with a Cerber Ransonware.
The mere fact that 99% percent of US computing is done on Windows, is why hackers concentrate their efforts on Microsoft systems.

There is however a completely free, and more secure operating system that Windows hope you will never discover, this OS is called Linux.
Linux is an Open Source software, which means it is developed by volunteer developers or developers who are in the early stages of building a Proprietorial Software, and need to reach out to other developers for help and shared opinions and knowledge.

Any Virus or Malware that is targeting Windows systems, has no effect on Linux systems due to the different file structure and naming conventions. This makes Linux, in my opinion, the more secure choice of OS (Operating System) software. I’ve been using Linux for 2 decades and have never had a virus, including those annoying toolbar addons and bundles which accompany so many downloads.

Not anymore! Linux has come a long way in user friendly interfaces, since it’s inception. Ubuntu, SUSE, and Mint are all very easy to install and use. Almost all have a LIVE DVD version which allows you to boot into a Linux system and try it out with no need to install unless you choose to do so. Most Linux distributions allow for a Duel BOOT environment, and you can have one computer for both Windows and Linux. I keep Windows around for Gaming as most software of the gaming nature is programmed only for Microsoft, my addiction to Call of Duty 4 must be fed occasionally.

You’ve probably already had experience with Linux and didn’t realize you were using it. Both Apple and Android are built on top of Linux.

Ready to Switch?

Here’s a link to all the distibutions available.