BYOD-Bring Your Own Devices-Installation Only Pricing!

Your network devices, whether they are new in the box, or already owned, can range widely in cost. Inspacecoast.Com and East Coast Commercial Data Technicians, can help recommend how your own devices can best suit your present and future needs. Many people have devices with many unused features due to hasty setups or novice technicians. You may be shopping for a firewall device to gain security, you may already have available on your router or modem. Proper network security is always a layered use of tools, but having two devices with the same tools, isn’t exactly the most efficient method.

Camera Systems, Phone Systems, Wifi-Networks, POS Systems, Digital Signage, and  other business systems have historically existed within their own analog or digital silo. Most businesses that have been in operation for decades are still utilizing these types of systems efficiently, but over the last decade, the population of technicians has dwindled due to these legacy systems are fazing out, and unified communication and commerce is emerging. This scenario is leading to much higher costs of servicing and maintaining the systems. Economically, converting into the digital world of things, is becoming fiscally more attractive.

Hybrid systems are also common, yet are even more complex than purely analog or digital. Some business phone systems have sent techs running back to their vans, never to be seen again.

CCTV analogs fed with cables into a muxer, and then into a networked DVR, again their are so many points of possible failure in these systems, that they require twice the service calls of a pure system.

Inspacecoast.Com and East Coast Commercial Data Technicians will happily service or complete an install of the devices you own, or we can consult and provide you with a system especially designed to fulfill your business needs, and remain scale-able to accommodate commercial growth.