Are You Ready For The Future? Build Your Visions Discover MrLexy.Com

Are You Ready For The Future?

The future is here, and today's cutting edge technologies are essential to maintaining your share of the electronic marketplace. and East Coast Commercial Network Technicians have partnered to bring you whole house technical engineering and support.

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Build Your Visions

Our service techinicians are available for rapid response to all our commericial and retail clients. We have first hand experience on how crucial it is to maintain a stable system that stays up and online when your business demands.

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Discover MrLexy.Com

Today's technology making your life simple. MrLexy is a unified business solution using the resource friendly Linux Container or LXC. Hence the name MrLexy!! Stack your Business Phones, CCTV, and Office software all into one easy environment. Read More at

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NETWORK SERVICES is the Mother Ship of East Coast Commercial Network Technicians Whether you are installing a new business network infrastructure, adding some new devices, or need urgent repair service, East Coast Techs are ready to give you the best service in the area at the best possible value.  Our up front price proposal insures that […]

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Join the 21st century of voice technology and save serious money on your business phone system, while taking advantage of nearly limitless features to streamline and unifi you voice and communications.

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Camera Services

Call 321-586-1300 for service or install of cctv surveillance camera systems or other networked home and business monitoring devices. Featuring Zone Minder surveillance software. See the Mr Lexy ZM camera system demo. Camera troubleshooting experts !!! We serve all area CVS stores, Bealle’s, Kohls and other local businesses. Remote monitoring and motion detected recording with […]

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About Us

Proudly serving Central Florida, The Treasure Coast & Space Coast’s Finest Hotels, Restaurants, Medical facilities, and Retail Stores.

I have CompTIA certifications for A+ and Net+ and am pursuing Security+ by 2018. This is my second career, spinning off a long and successful food service management experience. I am a diligent worker with customer satisfaction and comfort as my primary goals. New to FieldNation, but have been actively servicing calls for other buyer/service provider networks. Recent accomplishments are continued work for Kohl’s, Winn Dixie, and Pax Property Hotels.